• Score & Part Preparation

  • score-and-part-preparation

    Our scores are prepared from the conductor’s/musical director’s standpoint and our instrumental parts are prepared with the greatest possible accuracy. Learn More

  • Printing, Binding and Shipping

  • Printing-Binding-and-Shipping

    We can print and ship your music. We can bind scores up to tabloid size (11” x 17”) and parts up to 9” x 12”. Or we can provide you with PDF files to print on your own. Our products can be bound using saddle-staple, coil bound, or tapes accordion-style techniques. Learn More

  • Music Proofreading

  • Music-Proofreading

    If you or someone else has created the music parts, do you know if they have taken the time to proofread everything? Don’t waste time or money during a rehearsal – have us proofread your work. Learn More

  • Transcription from Recorded Media

  • Cd and musical score

    We can transcribe music from a recording. Our clients will receive an accurate, notated version of their recorded material, ready for professional performance use. Learn More

  • Transposition

  • Transposition

    We can transpose your song into any key. Even transposing a half step or a whole step will make all the difference in the world! Keep your musicians happy – don’t ask them to transpose on the spot, provide them with the music ready to go! Learn More

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